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Kiteboarding is a wind powered sport where you are pulled along the water by a kite on a board similar to a wakeboard. You experiance one of your most incredible adrenaline rushes and unforgettable memories.

Intro to IKO Kiteboarding lessons


In the first lesson you learn about, wind effects,wind window, equipment , and location selection criteria. By the end of the lesson, students will understand and demonstrate the proper way to handle and fly a trainer kite.

  • Equipment set-up
  • Safety systems
  • Kite control/Wind theory
  • Wind window
  • Controling a trainer kite
  • Terms used in kiteboarding


The next step picks up where the first lesson finished and gets you straight in the water. It starts with downwind body dragging(incredible fun) ,upwind body dragging (this is to teach you how to retrieve the board after a crash without a board leash).You learn how to body drag with one hand at this point,you release the bar in the water then retrieve the bar and re-launch the kite from the water.

  • Water re-launching
  • Body dragging down and up wind
  • Powering and depowering the kite
  • One-hand kite control


In this lesson you learn how to put the board on your feet, position yourself correctly and make the first power stroke which will get you standing on your board for the first time.At the end of your lesson you will learn how to correctly edge the board and how to ride upwind.You also recover the board and learn how to self rescue.

  • Board placement
  • Power strokes
  • Riding with the board
  • Self-rescuing

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